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What is Chiropractic

What is Chiropractic ?

Very basically
Chiropractic is a manual therapy technique in which a Chiropractor assesses the movement of the  joints  (especially the spine)
in order to locate  dysfunction (joints that are not moving as they should), the Chiropractor then manipulates these dysfunctioning joints with the aim being to restore normal movement.

What is dysfunction of a joint ?

Dysfunction occurs within a joint when the joint is stressed, injured or abused. We say abused because we abuse our joints everyday by having poor posture, being over weight or not exercising and eating correctly, all of these factors increase the stresses on the joint and eventually the joint becomes inflamed and irritated, resulting in pain and discomfort in the area.

How does a Chiropractor treat the joint ?

A Chiropractor asses the joints for dysfunction and manipulates them in order to restore proper movement to the joint, they will then also asses the patients posture and life style and give advice on how to improve these in order to have a healthier back.

Does it Hurt ?

The short answer is no
during a manipulation gas bubbles escape from solution within the joint, this produces the "click" or "crack" often heard when one sees a chiropractor.

some patients may experience mild stiffness following treatment, similar to that felt after a good gym session.

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