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Chronic headaches are one of the most frustrating conditions that people experience and often play havoc with a persons day to day activities. These headaches are pounding, sharp or sickening and tend to result is a loss of productivity in the work place and at home.
They are also fast becoming one the more common conditions Chiropractors are seeing.

The three most common types of headaches are
  • Tension type
  • Migraines
  • Pathological

The most important thing is to determine what type you are suffering from :

Tension Headaches

The most common types of headaches in the workplace are tension headaches.Tension headaches are  generally a  result of long hours in front of the computer in a poor posture or from chronic stress. These type of headaches are characterized by a heaviness behind the eyes, a pounding feeling on the sides of the head and a feeling of generalized neck stiffness.

These types of headaches can be treated by the Chiropractor with cervical spine manipulation to improve the functioning of the neck and myofascial dry needling or ischemic compression to break the muscle spasm.


Migraine headaches vary from person to person but are usually associated with a triggering factor such as caffeine in some people. These migraines tend to be  debilitating and most individuals will just want to sleep it off. They are often preceded by an aura ( a smell or glow that only that person experiences) and unlike tension headaches  tend to wear off without the need for treatment. Most chronic migraine sufferers have discovered the triggers for their headaches and know what to avoid. Others however are not so lucky and have to ride the episodes out.

Pathological Headaches
These types of headaches are perhaps the most important to diagnose from a clinical standpoint as they can in some cases need a trip to the emergency room.

A pathological headache is one that is abrupt in its onset, it may cause an altered state of consciousness, the person will seem different and may even have seizures. Pathological headaches are also often associated with vomiting and neurological signs. The occurrence of pathological headaches are however minimal with only 1/300 trips to the hospital being an actual pathological headache( Vizniak 2011).

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